Few words about the olives and the sightseeing...


olive trees

The olive trees

Planting of the olive trees is tradicionaly part of dalmatian culture, so we own round hundred olive trees too. Most famous and oldest trees, older than thousand years are on the island Pag, in the place named Lun.

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Lun olive plants


na moru


Our city is well known touristic centre with numberous exhibitions, culture events and festivals. It is know for its mild mediterranian climate which makes Biograd to an attractive place for holidays during the whole year.

Biograd na moru



National park Kornati

NP "Kornati" is a specific group of islands and reefs at the surface of 220km2 and counts 89 islands and reefs with app. 238km of the coast line. Numberous ships organize a daytrips to this unique must-see national park.

NP Kornati



Vrana lake

Vrana ist the  largest lake in Croatia, positioned northeast from Pakostane. This reservate is very important as food and rest place for many birds. Neverthenless many fisherman like this lake too because of rich freshwater fishlife.

PP Vransko jezero